Exports of Razavi Dairy Products Company will Increase by Two Times
By the End of Current Year,  

Exports of Razavi Dairy Products Company will Increase by Two Times

Managing director of Razavi dairy products company said, “According to the strategic plan of the company, exports will be increased two times, by the end of the current year”.
In an interview with Astan News, Seyyed Mahdi Talebian stated, “This achievement was obtained through exports to Iraq, marketing and researching, making prices similar to those of international markets and other companies, producing customized products, and also precise distribution and good advertisement”.
Introducing competition between Razavi dairy products and other companies’ export products as a competition in two areas, he added, “In the first area, Razavi products have to compete with domestic products existing in the Iranian market. This first area of competition is not very difficult as result of common problems with which all Iranian companies are facing. These common difficulties include customs problems and political and economic issues of the target markets”. He also said, “The Company can be victorious in this area, doing fast and appropriate activities”.
Talebian continued, “Quality and package of the product, price and advertisement are main factors in this competition and we must have purposeful and effective programing in this area”.
Competition between Razavi products and those of foreign companies was introduced by Talebian as the second area of competition. He added, “Turkish, Emirati, and Saudi products are main competitors for Razavi products in Iraq; taking their technology and speed into consideration, we will face a hard competition, therefore”.
“Intra organizational problems such as unability to produce some products because of limitation of the machines like various sterile products with 125 cc packs, time consuming process for changing packages and also poor performance of the packaging are some points which can be reminded”, Talebian went on.
Managing director of Razavi dairy products company added, “Currency fluctuations, economic and political problems of the target countries, multiple prices, and other countries’ products with various qualities are among challenges of export markets”.
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