Clergy must boost hope, awareness and insight in society

Clergy must boost hope, awareness and insight in society

Astan Quds Razavi has held a ceremony on the occasion of new academic year of Khorasan Seminary School, at the Navvab Higher Education Seminary School, discussing duties of the clergy as well as the recent events in Syria and Saudi Arabia.

 Speaking at the ceremony, Hoj. Marvi, the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said: “If there was anything more important than the guidance of the community, the Almighty God would make it the duty of the prophets and saints. In order to secure the means to guide people, the clergy resorted to the science and knowledge associated with Divine revelation.” 

According to him, the key to sustainability of the seminary schools and the clergy, is resorting to the teachings of revelation which has led the schools to move forward toward growth, progress and excellence.

“Throughout the history, our scholars and schools have always been up-to-date and even ahead of time, seriously addressing the day-to-day issues and needs of their community. Today, this path must be continued by scholars. A religious scholar may be considered useless if he is unaware of the ongoing issues and if he does not discern what perils threaten society,” he pointed out.

Touching on the issue of sanctions, threats and limitations that the enemy has imposed on Iran, he stated that they would have brought any country to its knees in a few months but not Iran, since the people are informed and insightful.

Hoj. Marvi further noted that Global Arrogance failed against the Resistance Front in Syria despite all the support and investment, spending tens of billions of dollars on creating ISIS to overthrow country’s legitimate government; however, by the tactfulness of Leader of the Islamic Revolution, their plots collapsed.

Referring to the recent Yemeni drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, he added, “The attack created terror in the hearts of the rulers of the reactionary Arab states and the Western arrogant powers. One of the largest oil export terminals of Saudi Arabia, armed with a variety of US weapons and missile terminals, was hit and damaged badly by the Yemeni drone attacks.”

“The signs of dignity, authority and pride of the Islamic Iran should be retold to the people to keep their hopes on the future. We will also pass this stage with dignity, and the banner of the Islamic Revolution and Shia will shine brighter than ever,” he remarked.

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