“The Enemy Is Not Concerned With the Vote and the Financial Matters of the People, but Seeks Chaos and Schism”
Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi,  

“The Enemy Is Not Concerned With the Vote and the Financial Matters of the People, but Seeks Chaos and Schism”

“The enemy is at every moment pursuing abusing manners; one day he rides on the vote, asking what happened to the people’s vote, one day rides over the people's financial matters, but its concern is not these issues, they seek domination over the Iranians, which of course, will take the wish to the grave” Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said.
According to Astan News, Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, in the march of “Unity of the nation, the allegiance to the guardianship” in the Grand Courtyard of Razavi Holy Shrine stated, “Our people know the enemies and are insightful, and by observing enemy's movements, recognize their words and evil intentions. Today, if it was not for enemy recognition of the people, the enemy that we had thrown out of the door have had entered through the window.”
“The enemy is always abusive; one day rides on the vote, asking what happened to the people’s vote, one day rides over the people's financial matters, but its concern is not these issues, but they pursue the domination of the Iranians, which of course, will take the wish to the grave.
Member of the Assembly of Experts, arguing that the enemy is seeking the division and multi-polarizing the society, expressed, “The enemy seeks to separate people from the government, separate people from the people and augmenting disparities to prevent the country from advancing, that the problem of the people will be marginalized and insecurities and riots will be turned into the main concern.”
Emphasizing that the attention to the problems of the people is the main concern for all authorities and managers of the country he said, “The enemy demands to make a scene and take revenge and looks for opportunities”.
“The victory of the Islamic Resistance Front in Iraq, Syria, the revelation of the great sedition in Yemen and the superiority of Ansarullah, has provoked the enemy and they seek revenge” Member of the Expediency Council noted.
 The Best Way to Fight the United States Is to Unravel the People’s Livelihood Problems
“Today, the best way to fight America and hegemony is working, make efforts and struggle to solve people's problems, and spreading hope for the nation” he stressed in another part of his remarks.
Hojatoleslam and Al-Muslimin Reisi, saying that everyone in the country today who is working to advance the country and increase the people's hope is in the direction to fight against the United States and the stabilization of the Islamic revolution added, “The smallest action to disappointed the people, and to show the inefficacy of the Islamic government knowing or unaware, means aiding the enemy.”
The Government Three Branches Make Effort to Eliminate Deprivation and Social Justice
“The budget is now in the parliament, and the respectable representatives will make the people more pleased whatever the different sections of the budget bill will be in the direction to eliminate the deprivation and increase social justice. Every day in the justice sector, whatever people see the efforts to fight the corruption, their confidence increases and as much effort and efficiency as possible can be seen from different sectors, this presence and trust will become more and more.”
“In today’s unprecedented gathering, which took place for the second time in a week, the brave people of our country displayed an insight for the defense of religion, the Islamic Revolution and the allegiance to the guardianship for which we should be grateful” Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said.
“The support for the preservation of national power and security in some systems of the world is the economic and financial reserves, military power or dependence on super powers; however, the most important components of our national strength and national security is the believing people and the devotees of the Revolution, insightful leadership and the spirit to fight the oppression, hegemony, and risk tolerance of the people especially the youths” he reiterated.
“The friend and the enemy admit that despite passing forty years, what is keeping the nation of Iran in line with the slogans of the beginning of the revolution and the period of the imposed war and the ups and downs has been an insightful leadership” Member of the Assembly of Experts reminded.
People's Trust in the Government Is Its Most Important Support and Capital
He stressed that the spirit of struggle, endurance and resistance to reach the purpose and neglecting the enemy is another important aspect for maintaining our national power and security and said, “The people's trust in the government is its most important support and capital, and it is precisely the enemy's target.”
“The enemy, in various seditions, targeted the people's trust in the regime; in the 2009’s sedition, before and after, the analyzes and remarks of the enemies targeted the people's trust in the regime” Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Raeisi enunciated.
“Today, advancement, development, elimination of economic and livelihood problems and resolving every difficulty happens in the light of coherence, national unity, security and peace in society” he said, stating that the enemy seeks chaos and sedition,
“The result of chaos and insecurity is not in any way in the interest of the people, but is to divert from focusing to eliminate people’s problems” Member of the Expediency Council added.
“Our dear people see the enemy’s hand in this chaos and insecurity, and by insight and recognizing the enemy and presence on the scene, and that the sedition like the plot of 2009, which on December 30th, without political orientation, with the love of the guardianship and the leadership and blood of the martyrs came to the scene and ended the sedition” he reiterated.
The Security and Justice Departments, Burn the Root of Insecurity in the Country Forever
"We demand the security and justice departments to carefully investigate these insecurities and insurgents, and burn the root of insecurity in the country forever” emphasized the Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi.
“The enemies wanted to ride on the demands of the people, the people's demands have always been there but they follow them through legal processes” he said, stating that today the rioters are the ones who make the country insecure.
“Everyone realized that this voice was not a well-meaning one for the Iranian people, this is the manner of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution, so people from the very first moment left the seditionists alone in the field and by mobilization of public forces, the turmoil and insecurity came to an end” Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Raeisi pointed out.
“We should always be on the scene insightfully, the enemy seeks to exploit any area for ​​hostility, and all those who are in the political and social arena and observe the issues should by vigilance and presence at the scene, eliminate the grounds for enemy’s abuses” he emphasized.
“Today is the day of unity and solidarity in our society, and all saw the hands of the enemy and announced their hatred and tried to put an end to this new sedition” he said, emphasizing that today it is the duty of all to strive to further increase the components of national security and power.
“Everyone should work for the practical struggle with the United States, which the Supreme Leader called it the resistive economy, action and implementation” he asserted.
“The people saw the crimes of the hypocrites and monarchists, the presence of people today is meaningful and it means that hope for the forces of revolution and the despair of enemies, hypocrites, monarchists and all enemies of the country” the member of the Expediency Council remarked.

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