Resistance to bring Zionist regime to end: Palestinian official says

Resistance to bring Zionist regime to end: Palestinian official says

The Israeli regime will finally be destroyed by the resistance of the Palestinian people, says a Palestinian official.

An expert-level conference dubbed "Hajj, Islamic World and Deal of the Centurywas held at the central building of Razavi University of Islamic Sciences in Mashhad. 
Speaking at this conference, Nasser Abu Sharif, representing the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, said, "Many empires have come and gone in this region and the Zionist regime is no exception to this."

Turning to the so-called US-sponsored "Deal of the Century", Abu Sharif said it was doomed to fail since "Palestinians have unanimously rejected it."

"Despite all the supports by the US and its regional allies of the Deal of the Century, the Palestinians and the resistance front will prevent its realization," he said. "This deal intends to eliminate the issue of al-Quds, Palestine and the return of the Palestinians to their motherland against granting some minor concessions to the Palestinians."

Abu Sharif pointed to the mass participation of the Iranian people in the Quds Day rallies and expressed hope the Deal of the Century, "as Iranians called out in the rallies", would be replaced with Deal of the Islamic Resistance.

Pointing to the century-long resistance of the Palestinians, he noted that the people of Palestine have for long “stood up against the conspiracies of the enemies of Islam, the first of which was plotted by Britain, then continued by France and the United States. Today, the Zionists are pursuing the policy with all their might. But the Palestinians continue resistance, and they outnumber them inside Palestine."

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