“Razavi Dairy Products Are Produced From the Finest Ingredients”
CEO of Razavi Dairy Company Announced,  

“Razavi Dairy Products Are Produced From the Finest Ingredients”

“The products of this company are produced from the best quality raw materials” Managing Director of Razavi Dairy Company said.
Seyyed Mehdi Talebian, in an interview with Astan News said, “The company, controlling production conditions during the process, selecting good packaging materials, continuous monitoring and precise product sampling from production to final packaging, warehousing and distribution has been able to produce safe products.”
“Razavi Dairy Company, with the aim of producing a good quality product consistent with the customers' taste has always taken advantage of the customers’ suggestions” he stated.
Talebian, referring to the production of 11,314 tons of Razavi dairy products during the four months from March said, “The figure grew by 5% compared to the same period last year.”
“The products include variety of cheese and cream cheese, bottle and nylon churned sour milk, all kinds of animal fat and butter, simple and flavored sterilized and pasteurized milk, variety of fresh and strained yogurt, syrup and desserts, curd and sterilized cream” he expressed.
Talebian, pointing to the company's plans to reduce the cost of Razavi dairy products said, “Monthly statistic report are to survey reports of non-compliance of manufactured products and to take measures to reduce waste products are among the plans.”
He also mentioned the attempt to increase the sales of the company with the aim of controlling fixed costs, another goal of Razavi Dairy Company to reduce production costs, an added “Moreover, we can mention controlling overhead costs and emphasis on its optimal management, planning and make efforts to buy inexpensive raw materials maintaining the quality, especially raw milk as the main raw material, and control and reduce manpower overtime work and their effective presence to the extent that it does not harm the company's production and sales.”
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