Soft War Warriors must Attend Battlefield with Full Power
Cultural Director of the Fatimid Division in Mashhad,  

Soft War Warriors must Attend Battlefield with Full Power

 The cultural director of the Fatimid division in Mashhad said that the soft warriors must be present in the battlefield with full power.
 According to Astan News, in the first commemoration on Afghan research martyrs sponsored by the Razavi Cultural Foundation of the Iran-residents Afgans and Astan Quds Razavi held at the Islamic Research Foundation, Hujjat al-Islam Mojahed argued that the enemy has targeted the Shiite community adding, "In 2006, Malek Abdullah, king of Saudi Arabia declared clearly in a meeting that we should prevent the formation of the Shiite crescent in the Asian region."
He argued that the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia created ISIS as financial sponsors, and that this terroristic group initiated with violence, massacre and elimination of the elites.
Noting that enemies set for a number of parallel strategies to eliminate the Shiites in the region, especially in Afghanistan, he said, "The doors of European and American countries were opened to the Afghan elite and the Shiite Afghan students were admitted to Western universities while at the same time,  all Shi'a scientific centers were attacked in Afghanistan."
"Former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, said that all the anticipated plans in Syria and Iraq went good, but the order of religious authority in Iraq that brought about presence of tens of thousands of Shiite young people on the battlefield, as well as the presence of tens of thousands of Afghan Shiites in Syria disturbed our equations in the region", he added.
 Referring to the remark of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution that said the political warfare is successful when the military warfare is behind, and the military conflict succeeds once you become successful in the cultural warfare, the cultural director of the Fatimid division stated, "Unfortunately, we did not act very well on the soft war."
Referring to the fact that the Fatemid division has been in Syria battlefield for more than five years, he said, "This unit has more than 2,000 martyrs and 8,000 wounded for the sake of Islam so far, but few are aware of the sacrifices of these brave men, and this proves our shortcoming in the field of propaganda and soft war."
 "Unfortunately, wherever it comes to Afghanistan, all remain silent. Today, the Tebyan Center is targeted by terroristic groups, and many scientific and cultural elites have been martyred, but all media are propagating against us, and this is because we have not acted successfully in the soft war", Hujjat al-Islam Mojahed remarked.
The cultural director of the Fatimid division continued, "Today, the warriors of the soft war should be present at full force in the field, and confront the enemies with full power."
Following the ceremony, Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Sarallah Zohuri, chairman of the Cultural Foundation of the Afghan Iran-residents, said, "Unfortunately, on December 28, ISIS martyred a group of Afghan intellectuals and elites; a vicious act that marks their fear of our elite."

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