Hi, Ramadan…
Shrine’s atmosphere in the first days of Ramadan  

Hi, Ramadan…

The inspiriting sound of the Qur’an has filled the courtyards of the compassionate Imam’s shrine, and the cool breeze of Ramadan caresses the hearts of the pilgrims and neighbors. These days, some of the guests of the divine feast of Ramadan are present in Imam Reza’s (AS) shrine. Meanwhile, non-Iranian and foreign pilgrims who have made their way to the shrine feel specially different. They hear the sounds of the angels’ wings with the whispering of the Qur’an and spend the most beautiful Ramadan of their life in the vicinity of the luminous shrine of Imam Reza (AS).

Glorious tone of Qur’an in the Shrine
Qur’anic circles for the Arabic-speaking pilgrims at the Dar al-Marhameh portico is one of the programs in Ramadan. The ceremony is held from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. in the portico. The luminous congregation is an opportunity to recite the word of light in the vicinity of an Imam, and this makes the Qur’an recitation more pleasing. Arabic-speaking pilgrims can also attend the Ghadir portico an hour before evening prayer and enjoy the grace of Qur’an recitation. Holding programs particular to Ramadan such as reading the Eftetah Prayer and other special prayers forms other programs for Arab-speaking pilgrims in Dar al-Marhameh and Ghadir porticos.

Pleasure of the first pilgrimage 
A 29-year-old Arab pilgrim, named Qeys Nosayf, experiences his first visit to Mashhad. He comes from the city of Hilla in Iraq, saying that Mashhad is a piece of God’s paradise on earth and that the place conveys tranquility. The young Iraqi has been the guest of Imam Reza (AS) for eight days now and during this time he has learned a lot attending the cultural programs of the shrine. He mentioned the porticos special for Arab-speaking pilgrims, saying, “In these sacred places we are bestowed cultural gifts in Arabic, each of which a valuable souvenir for our friends and family.”

Ramadan near the compassionate Imam
Batul Alavi is a pilgrim from Kandahar City, Afghanistan. She acknowledges the magnificent ambience at the shrine and believes anyone who steps in is the guest of Imam Reza (AS). She expressed joy at the fact that during Ramadan, splendid prayer and Qur’an recitation programs are held, and participation in these programs will make Ramadan more beautiful and memorable for her. Moreover, she has attended family counseling courses in the shrine and spoke to the shrine’s advisers about her issues. She came to visit Imam Reza’s shrine along with her young son.

 “During the time of my presence in different courses, I put my son in Mahd al-Reza (AS) since they also teach religious concepts in kids’ language there,” she said.

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