Astan Quds Razavis Readiness for Constructive Interaction with other Countries
Deputy of AQRs Custodian Emphasized in a Meeting with Australias Ambassador:  

Astan Quds Razavis Readiness for Constructive Interaction with other Countries

Deputy of Astan Quds Razavi said, "As a body managed by people's endowments and donations, Astan Quds Razavi hosts millions of people from different parts of the world per year".
According to Astan News, in a meeting with Australian ambassador to Tehran, Seyyed Morteza Bakhteyari said, "Having vast capabilities in different areas including economy, medicine, pharmaceutics, culture, and science, this organization has got a very effective role in Islamic Iran and regional countries".
He reiterated, "Taking resistance economy, whose aim is to develop domestic producers, as the main focus, all the affiliated bodies of Astan Quds Razavi are ready to form a constructive and effective interaction with other countries".
Hosting 30 Million Pilgrims per Year
Bakhteyari said, "Razavi Holy Shrine hosted 30 millions pilgrims last year and four millions of them were foreign visitors".
"With respect to the fact that this organization is relied on people's endowments and it receives no financial support from the government, it has drawn attention of people and lovers of the household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W) who have always respected and supported the organization", Bakhteyari stated.
He asserted, "There are many endowment letters from last years and centuries in which people have endowed and donated their properties with love to serve Razavi pilgrims and support poor people".
He added, "As servants of this sacred shrine and taking Ayatollah Raeisi's emphases into consideration, we consider rendering service to the Razavi pilgrims as our main duty".
Razavi Holy Shrine, Treasury of Islamic and Iranian Arts
Elsewhere in his remarks, Bakhteyari referred to the unique architecture and artistic treasuries of the Razavi Shrine's libraries and museums and stressed, "Our ancestors'' precious legacy which represent Islamic-Iranian culture is kept here perfectly and seriously".
He added, "Unfortunately, acts of Takfiri and terrorist groups of the region are all against both humanity and Islam".
Referring to various traditions and verses of Islam on affection, altruism, and the necessity of saving human's lives, deputy of Atan Quds Razavi's grand custodian stated, "We are also astonished by acts of some groups like Isis which are contrary to reason, religion, and conscience". He also said, "US and some western countries' support of these groups is really a big question and regrettable".
Expressing his pleasure for attending Razavi Holy Shrine, Australia's ambassador said, "What was very interesting for me here was to see thousands of people worshiping and praying in full security".
Referring to lots of existing capacities for mutual cooperation between Astan Quds Razavi and Australia's scientific and economic institutes and also Australian Universities, Iian Biggs stressed, "I hope we can develop interaction and cooperation levels in different areas". 
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