“The Range of Razavi Yeast Exports Markets Indicates Its High Quality”
Director General of Khorasan Razavi Standard,  

“The Range of Razavi Yeast Exports Markets Indicates Its High Quality”

Alireza Jamie, in an interview with Astan News, on the sidelines of the Scientific and Educational Seminar on Baking Applications, stated, "Razavi Yeast Company is one of the very good units in the country, whose volume of exports of yeast not only will lead Razavi brand to become more well known, but will have a positive effect on the country".
"While the yeast standard is considered as incentive standards and it is not compulsory, the company has succeeded in obtaining the national incentive standard of Iran for baking yeast this year, which reflects the attention of its managers and staff to the quality and respect for consumer rights” he said.
Jamie, while appreciating the Razavi Yeast Company due to participation in the holding of a scientific and educational seminar on the use of yeast in Mashhad said, “In this seminar, the producers of yeast throughout the country, in addition to examining the importance of this product and consumption cases, discuss the revision of the standards for yeast.
He acknowledged the activity of Razavi Yeast Factory as a step toward maintaining quality and respecting the interests of consumers and added, “The Company has been able to receive the title of the best industrial unit of Khorasan Razavi province this year and the top brand of 2017, which is very valuable.”
"One of the important issues in the production of good products is marketing, and consumer familiarity with the product” he stated, stressing the necessity to promote the use of yeast in the country.
“There are now positive measures taken by Razavi Yeast Company to provide the grounds for the use of this product, including presence at bakeries, and explaining the benefits of this product instead of Sodium bicarbonate” he expressed.
Director General of Khorasan Razavi standard Organization, arguing that it is possible to introduce various yeasts for various utilizations according to the latest knowledge, and reiterated, “To realize this important issue in various breads, we face certain problems in the consumption market, which of course by cutting the subsidy of flour price, this problem will be solved.”
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