Guests of International Nutrition Congress Visited Razavi Holy Shrine

Guests of International Nutrition Congress Visited Razavi Holy Shrine

Guests of International Nutrition Congress visited Razavi Holy Shrine.
According to Astan News, a group of researchers, physicians and university presidents from various countries visited Holy Shrine of Ali Ibn Musa al-Reza (A.S.) on the first day of their presence in Mashhad. This group of elites has been invited by Mashhad’s University of Medical Sciences to participate in the 1st International Nutrition Congress. 
This group of scientists who were from France, UNESCO, WHO, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, South Africa, Seri Lanka, and Italy visited Razavi Shrine’s porticos, courtyards, and central museum.
Noting that this is her first visit to Iran and Mashhad, Saytavya Bardosno, from Indonesia, said, “Razavi Holy Shrine is very beautiful and fantastic. Also, extensive presence of people here is very fascinating for me”.
On the sideline of her visitation from central museum, she said, “Lots of old and beautiful objects have been displayed in this museum all of which get visitors familiar with the history and identity of ancient people”.
Talking about her understanding of cultural and academic activities at the complex, Bardosno added, “Education alongside the religion has a great impact on people”.
She introduced Iran as a beautiful and lovely country and said, “I will travel to Iran and holy city of Mashhad once more in the future”.
It is worth mentioning that International Nutrition Congress will be held since Wednesday to Friday, 15th to 17th of Shahrivar/ 6th to 8th of September in Mashhad. 
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