Religious education and pilgrims, the focal points of AQR activities: Vice custodian

Religious education and pilgrims, the focal points of AQR activities: Vice custodian

An introduction ceremony of the AQR vice custodian was held in Vilayat auditorium of the holy shrine.

During the ceremony, AQR new vice custodian, Mostafa Khaksar Qahroudi, stated that “we are indebted” to this ruling system for blessings of Islam, Shia, Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, the Revolution’s Leader and the families of the martyrs.

“I have always been trying to pay some of my debts to the people and the Islamic nation,” he said.

He pointed to the years in service of the Islamic system and called the service for Imam Reza (AS), a great mission and a heavy duty for all the servants.

He then stressed duty as the hardest and greatest job for human beings specially in Imamate system, which is no different from the lifetime period of Imam Reza (AS). He further called on the managers to grasp the opportunity by making endeavor to approach the eighth Imam.

Touching on the 40th year of the Islamic Revolution, he called it the second stage to self, society and civilization development, for which AQR has a great potential.

The new vice custodian stressed the religious education based on the logic and the methods of the Infallible Imams, the most important elements of the Islamic civilization and recounted focusing on the pilgrims’ religious education, ethics, spirituality and Islamic lifestyle development as one of the AQR inherent duties and core missions.

In formulating the AQR mid-long-term plans, he stressed on the orders of the Leader to revere the pilgrims.

“In the holy shrine, the work must be done in a planned and disciplined manner, and the servants should be the manifestation of Imam Reza’s tradition and conduct in order for pilgrims to enjoy peace of mind and safety to gain the most out of their pilgrimage,” he noted.

He added that completion of construction projects in the holy shrine, with the goal of serving the pilgrims desirably, improving the interaction and behavior of the servants with the pilgrims, paying attention to the suggestions and improving the quality of food as the areas that will receive a particular attention.

He also commented on the issue of passive defense and the planning of emergency measures and crisis management, the use of shrine’s local and external expertise in the field to achieve better solutions and exploring the possibility of using the pilgrims’ volunteering capacity to do the tasks.

The former AQR custodian, Reza Fatemi Amin, also referred to the economic issues as the country’s grave priority calling it the enemies’ battleground and stressed AQR position to counteract sanctions and solve economic hardships.

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