Power of Arbaeen march defeats global arrogance in the region

Power of Arbaeen march defeats global arrogance in the region

The power manifested during the Arba'een march has defeated global arrogance's plots in the region.

Stating the above in the Second Seminar of Arba'een Activists, held at the Quds Auditorium of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine, Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, the Chief Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, expounded on the religious movement and AQR Arba'een programs.

He noted that Imam Hussein (AS) saved his people from misguidance and misery and showed the way of truth to humanity for all history. “The love of the Infallible Imams (AS) is the key to draw near to God and meet the Divine Grace. We must be grateful to God for this great love, which is our greatest asset and honor.”

He described Arba'een as a major religious, human and divine phenomenon that cannot be defined, analyzed or described in words. "It is not a religious movement only. Even non-Muslims and non-Shia Muslims take part in the event, indicating the charisma of Imam Hussein (AS) that attracts humanity."

He called Arba'een march and service to pilgrims a unison with God and an arena of transformation toward the Almighty, toward which the destination is an excuse and the goal is the walking and movement.

“The exterior steps of pilgrims in Arba'een towards Karbala signify inner steps towards becoming human, nurturing and joining God and bringing pilgrims closer to the teachings of Imam Hussein (AS). Arba'een is the fading of the guest-host boundaries, wherein all become one, and there is no difference between the guest and the host. Everyone is welcome and welcoming,” he said.

He described the day as the rainbow of different religions, nationalities, sects and beliefs saying that Mecca only hosts Muslim ethnicities, but in Arba'een humanity and different religions are present.

“Arba'een is a wave of thinking about the struggle in the cause of God and Islam. It teaches the spirit of jihad, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, fighting oppression and tyranny and defending the oppressed and the right. Today, the blessing and power of Arba'een in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc., has appeared, neutralizing and defeating the arrogant powers,” he commented.

Hoj. Marvi then reiterated that Arba'een directs us to the Quranic guidance centered on Imamate and guardianship, and teaches that if we wish to prosper from Quranic guidance, this is the way, and therefore the enemy is trying to undermine this great human movement.

“If a small demonstration takes place in Iraq, they will reflect it in the media boldly; however, millions of people of different ages, ethnicities and religions marching in Arba'een, find no reflection in hegemonic media,” he noted.

“The fact that arrogant media does not pay attention to Arba'een shows the righteousness of the movement,” he said adding , “As Yazid and his men could not silence Imam Hussein (AS) on the Day of Ashura, today the same disposition cannot boycott Arba'een which is the continuation of Imam Hussein’s movement.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the gradual development of Ashura and Imam Hussein (AS) movement and referred to the words of the Revolution’s Leader regarding the blessings of Arba'een which are the preservation of the spirit of brotherhood, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, sympathy, enduring hardships for a transcendent purpose and manifest the spirit in society.

“Arba'een should be present in all parts of our lives, not once a year; the day should not be exclusive to marching participants. Through humane behavior and good deeds, we must acquaint all humanity with this great movement and school of thought. The enemy is trying to take Arba'een from us, and every movement and act that separates the Iranian and Iraqi people is a wrong one in the enemy’s field,” he remarked.

In the end, AQR Chief Custodian urged different departments and agencies not to act in a way that makes people feel the event is arranged by a certain department. “We need to optimally utilize the capacity of the departments; however, the real and genuine capacity is that of the people.”

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