Representatives of Popular Mobilization Units in Mashhad

Representatives of Popular Mobilization Units in Mashhad

A 45-strong delegation comprising members of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units and voluntary servants of Imam Hossein’s holy shrine have paid a visit to the holy shrine of Imam Reza in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad.
According to Astan News correspondent, the Iraqi pilgrims were received by Astan Quds Razavi’s Department of Non-Iranian Pilgrims at Ghadir Portico of the holy shrine of Imam Reza. The pilgrims participated in cultural and religious programs provisioned by the AQR foreign pilgrims’ body.
As part of the program, Iraqi cleric, Moaref Naser, delivered a lecture on the merits and rituals of Imam Reza’s pilgrimage. “Visiting the mausoleums of infallible Imams is of high significance for the household of Prophet Mohammad,” said the cleric. 
According to the Iraqi pilgrim, there’s a saying on Imam Reza attributed to Prophet Mohammad, which calls for Muslims to visit Imam Reza’s shrine in Khorasan for spiritual uplift. “Pilgrimage helps connect our hearts to God’s men. So take advantage of this great moment,” pointed out Moaref Naser. 
Prophet Muhammad introduced only his daughter, Hazrat Fatima, and Imam Reza as “parts of him,” said the cleric. “Each one of the infallible Imams holds the same position to Prophet Mohammad, and their character is an extension of that of Prophet Mohammad. Therefore, visiting the shrines of the household of God’s messenger is a show of love to whom you respect the most,” explained the Iraqi cleric. 
Amir Farid Abdul-Kazem, a first-time pilgrim said that his presence in Imam Reza’s Shrine is a great favor granted by the Imam himself to him. 
“I have heard form outstanding Muslim scholars that Imam Reza fulfills three wishes immediately. I also ask the Imam to grant me my wishes,” hoped Abdul-Kazem. 
As part of the program, the Iraqi pilgrims also participated in Quran recitation, and watched a clip on the holy shrine of Imam Reza. The AQR Office of Non-Iranian Pilgrims also offered presents to the Iraqi visitors.

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