Spirituality, Science addressed in Razavi University of Islamic Sciences

Spirituality, Science addressed in Razavi University of Islamic Sciences

Located in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad, Razavi University of Islamic Sciences is one of the hotspots of religious education in Iran, offering courses in three fields of Quranic Sciences, Islamic Philosophy and Law. Now, a Christian delegation has paid a visit to the university for talks on interfaith commonalities. 
According to Astan News correspondent, speaking at the second pre-meeting for the international conference of Religious Education in Universities and Seminary Schools held at Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, Cardinal Robert Logal offered his views on Astan Quds Razavi and Imam Reza’s holy shrine. “What’s interesting to me is that the shrine is known here as the provider of divine blessing. Now, because of its vicinity to the holy shrine, Razavi University is not just a science institution, but a place for spiritual uplift,” said Logal. 
The interreligious event saw professors from the Paris Catholic School and Iranian university and seminary centers discussing areas of mutual concern.
Roberto Logal believes that being a scientist is not enough for achieving dignity. “When Jesus extended his first invitation, people were surprised by his words, although his words were not based on scientific and philosophical reasoning,” argued Logal.
However, said the member of the Vatican Council, Jesus’s words were miraculously embraced by people. “Therefore, if a person wants to achieve such an elevated position, they need to open their hearts and minds to connect to the divine wisdom,” explained Logal.  
Robert Logal stressed that one of the main religious duties for Christians is to prepare their heart for receiving “God’s gift” through reading the holy book. “This way, they can understand the celestial and spiritual manifestations,” said the Christian scholar. 

He said by studying the Bible and the Old and New Testament, “We Christians try to make our hearts ready for receiving the divine gifts.” 
The Vatican Council member added that individual prayers and corporate prayers in Christianity increase the human capacity for the divine gift. “All of these worshipping rituals are associated with words that connect man to God, whether the worshiper is happy or upset, a pious or self-indulgent person,” said Logal.
Noting that prayers can embody divinity in worshippers, Logal said that when prayers are performed in the right way, “We will be men of God and will be enrolled among the heavenly people.”
The third pre-meeting for the International Conference of Religious Education in Abrahamic Religions will be hosted by Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation this week.

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