47 Christian Tourists Attended the Razavi Shrine

47 Christian Tourists Attended the Razavi Shrine

Forty-seven Christian tourists from five different nationalities attended the Razavi Holy Shrine.
According to Astan News, the group of Christian tourists from Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico and Finland were able to visit different parts of Razavi Holy Shrine, including museums and porticos.
“This holy place, was very surprising and valuable to me, because in this place, human has a huge sense of relief” a German tourist said on the sidelines of the visit.
“The construction and architecture of the Shrine catches the eyes of every visitor, because the architecture is the furtherance of the architecture from the last 500 years and it brings a beautiful view for the audience” Frank Nigeh Mann continued.
“This is the second time to attend the Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) and on each visit, I well understood many of the servants of the blessed shrine has established friendly relationships with visitors, and they are also very well-mannered and kind” Dr. Joe Askrad, another of tourists in the group commented.
“Ecstasy and inner spiritual joy of human is unspeakable here, and it brings a feeling like presence in special spiritual Christian places” he expressed.
It should be noted, in the event, for non-Muslim tourists by the Management of Non-Iranian Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi, a shrine tour was held, and each of them was given a cultural-promotional package.
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